Boating Lessons

Boating Lessons

Being a smart boater is easy with lessons from Tails Up.

Lessons include boating safety,  docking,  and more. It’s all designed to help you and your family feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and safe on the water. Learn from the best, as one of our team members leads you through a hands-on experience of the most intimidating aspects of owning a boat.

Coast Guard Boat


Boat Terminology

Boating terminology can be a frustrating barrier to communication on a boat, especially between old salts and newbies.


Safety education is important because it helps reduce personal injury and property damage associated with the use of recreational boats.

Basic Maintenance

Boat care and maintenance chores, like changing engine oil, lubricating fittings, and painting the hull bottom.

Boat Features

Learn about your boat’s bells and whistles, and how to take advantage of all of the great things your boat has to offer.


For many people docking their boat is one of the most trying experiences to be had on the water, it doesn’t have to be!


New to the area? We can help to improve your navigational skills on your local waters.

# trip length price
1 Minimum 2 hrs $100