Offshore Sport Fishing

Fishing within 20 miles of the mainland – Bluefin Tuna, Pelagic Sharks, Haddock, Squid, Mackerel and Cod.  Offshore fishing, often referred to as big game fishing, will take the expert sportfishing enthusiasts out into the deeper water with bigger game fish! With the state-of-the-art equipment aboard the Tails Up Charter boat, you’ll be ready to target species like dolphins, bluefin tuna, and shark!

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1 Day Trip Offshore $1600

Codfish is one of the most abundant fish in the North Atlantic. Its light flaky filets and unique flavor led to their being the fish of choice in  “fish ‘n’ chips”.  Although cod are available throughout the year, the winter cod-fishing season is something special in Rhode Island. It generally starts in December and continues into March.  Cod are bottom fish, and when they are not feeding, they stay on the bottom,  often near structure such as wrecks, rock piles, holes, humps.  So, you must go to where the fish are to catch them, and Captain Mark knows all the best spots!


Mako, Blue, Tiger, Thresher, Hammerhead, and the occasional Great White shark are often spotted and caught by fishermen. in Rhode Island. These types of sharks are all legal to catch and some to keep for the table. For the most part we target these sharks by setting up a chum slick, and setting out baits out into the slick, then it is a waiting game for the Sharks to get our scent. Once a slick is established, then it is game on and Captain Mark will get you on a shark.


The late summer months bring plenty of Dolphin Fishing throughout the northeast.  Mahi Mahi are often caught trolling baits and lures,  however, often times captains will run around and look for birds that are following schools of fish and bait, and are a good indicator of where to fish.  Another way to get Mahi Mahi is finding debris floating, or fishing the high flyers from the Lobster Pots. Mahi Mahi are one of the fastest-growing fish in the Ocean, and a 30lb fish can be younger than 3 years old!  These are by far one of the most fun fish to catch, due to their strength and speed especially on light spinning rods!


Bluefin tuna are made for speed: built like torpedoes, have retractable fins and their eyes are flush.  They are one of the best predators from the moment they hatch, seeking out schools of fish like herring, mackerel, and eels. They hunt by sight and have the sharpest vision of any fish. Bluefin tuna are caught closer to shore with the first fish showing up around the first few weeks of summer then again in the fall.