Captain Kyle Paparelli

Brief info

Kyle is the future of sport fishing and is a force to be reckoned with. At age 5 he started to fish and as they say the rest is history. The experience he gained was through fishing with some of the states best Charter Captains, commercial fisherman but most of all through his own technique. He has placed in and won cash tournaments, achieved RISAA Angler of the year for 5 Years, Hall of Fame fish, Speaker at Fishing shows and many appearances in popular magazines such as The Fisherman, On the Water and Sport fishing. He has landed trophy tuna (Bluefin, yellow fin and big eye), mahi, albacore, pelagic sharks and White Marlin. His passion is Bluefin tuna fishing off Cape Cod on top, jigging and using live bait. Additionally he has mastered the more popular inshore species and even fresh water game. Currently he is attending URI Marine Fisheries Program and working for Greenfin attempting to raise breed pelagic fish (yellow fin and mahi) in captivity.

See Kyle on YouTube in the new “2020 Shimano Stella SW”┬ávideo.